Tips for the perfect sparkler exit


Sparkler exits. They’re super fun to do and make for awesome pictures (like this one from Alyssa and Justin’s big day!), but you only have a few seconds to get that perfect shot. The best photos happen when all your guests are lined up and ready to go at the same time, but often times these photos come out with too few people or half of the sparklers burnt out. This post will help you ensure this doesn’t happen to you! So here are my tips for capturing the perfect sparkler exit.


Spend a little more

Using regular sparklers that you see on the 4th of July makes sparkler exits a little more difficult because they only last about 30 seconds. It can be extremely difficult to get all 200 of your guests a lit sparkler, line them up, and get you through them for a photo all in 30 seconds. I recommend using the 20 inch sparklers from Wedding Sparklers Outlet. These have a burn time of 2 minutes and give you enough time to prepare for the perfect photo.


Utilize your DJ

People need direction, especially when you’re giving them fire. Have your DJ or band leader make an announcement so that your guests know where and when you want them.


Pick someone you trust

The main key to a sparkler exit is coordinating all your guests and getting them to work together. This can be hard to do, especially since the sparklers usually happen at the end of the night after guests have had a couple drinks. If you have a wedding planner, they can get guests lined up and make sure things happen smoothly. Fire and alcohol don’t always go well together, so have someone you trust to be in control of it!


Get those babies lit!

I always have at least 3 lighters being used for sparkler exits. My team and I stand at the beginning, middle, and end of the line. Light one guest’s sparkler and have them pass it down. This makes getting everyone’s sparklers lit much faster.


Last but not least, water

Don’t forget the bucket of water! For a lot of venues, this is required if you want to do a sparkler exit. Make sure you check with the city on what their rules are.