The one thing that matters most in wedding planning

I have executed many events since I began working as a wedding planner, and each one has brought me fun, crazy, and always memorable experiences. I have shared sweet moments with the bride just before she walks down the aisle to her waiting groom, jumped in for the bouquet toss when guests are too shy to get on the dance floor, and stopped the groomsmen who had one too many drinks from taking on the MC duties.

I’ve been to high-budget, extravagant events. I’ve worked with couples who had a budget that just barely covered dinner food. I’ve seen weddings of 500+ people, and ones with 50. All of these weddings were unique in their own way, but there is one thing that’s more important than the décor we spent hours choosing together, the live band your dad was super pumped about, or the open bar your college friends will always thank you for (it’s a detail that doesn’t go unnoticed).

And that’s your marriage.

What makes a wedding fun is the couple it’s for. Your friends and family are there to celebrate your love, your story, and your lifetime of happiness.

Have you ever seen that show Married At First Sight? If you haven’t, it’s a TV show where people are, quite literally, getting married at first sight. Sometimes they have only known the person they are about to marry for a day! How much fun do you think it would be to attend a wedding where the bride and groom know nothing about one another? That’s not fun to celebrate!

Of course that’s an extreme example, but it goes to show what really makes a wedding unique is the love! I always say the reason I started my business is so that couples don’t get so caught up in the planning that they forget about the marriage.

My job is to create an amazing event. Your job is to create an amazing marriage.

So my biggest piece of advice for wedding planning is this: Go out for an evening walk with your soon-to-be husband. Enjoy the moments of silence during the planning craziness. Talk about your life together, how you want to raise your kids, what you want your future to look like. Create a marriage worth celebrating.

xx Amanda