What does a wedding planner really do?

“But what does a wedding planner really even do?”

If you’ve ever thought this, you’ve come to the right place my friend. You may be wondering if having a wedding planner is really necessary. Is it worth the cost? Can’t we just recruit the family to help?

I come from a frugal family. I was raised to be wise about what I spend money on, which is why I’m writing this post today. It’s so important for you to know what I do before we begin this relationship – and I say relationship because it is! We will be planning together for months to come, so we need a relationship built on trust and an understanding of your vision.

Wedding planning is more than just choosing the right napkin color. It’s late night calls about how hard the seating chart is (trust me, it’s tough). It’s a 16 hour day of setting up your DIY’d centerpieces, getting you down the aisle, being there with tissues during your maid of honor’s speech, and sending you off in your getaway car at the end of the night.

All weddings are unique, so my job changes with each wedding, but there are a few things I do for all my couples.

During the planning process, I connect you with vendors I trust and know will make your wedding day great. My goal is to make sure you are getting the best service possible, while also staying within your budget (remember my frugal family?). I’ll advise you on what to save and splurge on – pro tip: a live band will keep your party going all night long!

Not into picking out all the little details? If you choose one of my packages that includes design, I will provide you with ideas and options to make your day unique.

On wedding day I’m there bright and early to make sure your hair and makeup is getting started and your breakfast is delivered (pastries, anyone?). Oh, and I serve as your personal hype woman because it’s your WEDDING DAY!

I’ll be on site all day to make sure your DJ is getting set up, the cake gets delivered, and set your décor. When it comes time to put your dress on, I’ll be there to keep your bridal party on schedule and get you walking down the aisle on time.

I handle all the setup, details, and execution of your event. If you don’t hire a wedding planner, you end up “hiring” your family and they may not get to fully enjoy the experience. I take on their jobs – and love doing it! Let your family relax and enjoy all the moments of your special day!

After managing your ceremony, my team and I will make sure your party is getting started and each table is being fed. We connect with your DJ to make sure they start speeches on time and the dance floor is open.

When the evening comes to a close, our team is there to pack up gifts and décor, and send you off to your honeymoon.