Hire your family or leave it to the pros?

Weddings are about family. It’s one of the few times you get to throw a party with your closest friends and family to celebrate your love. If you’re lucky, those people who love you will want to offer their help in whatever way they can – throwing you an awesome bridal shower, helping you with the seating chart, sometimes even tackling those DIY projects that Pinterest makes look so easy. Wedding preparation is a great time to bond with family members who want to help. But come wedding day, leave the planning and coordination to the professionals so your guests can be guests!

It takes a lot of work to keep a wedding day running smoothly. Careful management of all the vendors, reading the crowd to know when it’s time to start speeches, and handling all those day-of questions that are sure to come. Wedding days always have surprises, which is why it’s so important to have someone you trust to handle any unforeseen problem so that you can enjoy your third (or fourth) glass of champagne.

When you assign a family member to coordinate your day, they are no longer a guest – now they’re working! You don’t want them making decisions on what alcohol to serve when your keg is running low or trying to MC your grand march when the band forgets they are supposed to be there early for this (yes, this actually happened to me – twice!). Your wedding day will fly by faster than you think. Having a professional on your team ensures your family can be present during the day and take in every little moment. Guests should enjoy themselves, and you should too!

Weddings are expensive, and when you’re putting this much money into a day it’s important to hire trusted and experienced professionals to manage it. Leave it to us to execute your event flawlessly so you and your family can truly enjoy your day.